Books are not made for furniture, but there is nothing else that so beautifully furnishes a house. -Henry Ward Beecher

Because of this..

I've always wanted one of those rooms..
To be filled with some of these.

bc_slimane_fin1.jpg (204×288)Seasons by donna hay
(Ok, so I like picturesque books.  To sound completely cliché
they say a picture is worth a thousand wordstouché, darling)


Long Pause..

Pardonne moi for the over extended break.  It is somewhat exhausting [+ procastination] to keep up a blog. 
Adding onto that is my lackluster computer & design skills.
For those who post on a consistant daily basis.. I bow to you!  
But I will journey on and flirt with the idea of putting up new, sparklyness every week.

Until then, some of the prettiest cakes ever!
This is just a sampling of Liz Shim's awe inspiring work. 
 In every sense, this is exactly what I would want for my special day.
Her website and blog are linked below the pictures.

Visit her blog here!